meet the physios-in-touch team


We strive for excellence in patient care, keeping up to date with the latest advances in our profession and networking widely with the medical profession for your benefit. Our goal is to help you to recover as quickly as possible to reach your full potential.


We excel in treating complex conditions and restoring hope.

Exceptional care with experienced physiotherapists.

We offer individualised treatment in a calm healing environment. 

Lorraine JACOBS

Lorraine JACOBS

MSc Physiotherapy (Wits)

Lorraine has many years of success helping people to manage their painful backs, necks, headaches, TMJ and shoulders and sports injuries.  She also has a special interest in treating complex conditions such as fibromyalgia, post-cancer pain and chronic back pain and arthritis.

Her professional interests include running CPD workshops for physiotherapists and other health professionals and Medico-Legal assessments. She also serves on the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

To keep active and healthy she runs (slowly) and attends spinning classes and yoga.



BSc Physiotherapy UCT

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1983 from UCT and have been in private practice since 1990 with a special interest in neck and back injuries and  sports injuries. I myself run and have completed a few two oceans ultra marathons and one comrades.

I have a passion for animals especially horses and dogs and through the years have completed and run courses to treat their injuries.

I have 3 children and enjoying treating postural problems and injuries in children and teenagers.

As treating chest conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia are part of our scope of practice I am very happy to help any patients suffering from these diagnoses to ensure a speedy recovery and return to health.

As I was born in Belgium and grew up in the Congo, I speak fluent French and am comfortable treating French speaking patients. I am familiar with their medical insurances and their requirements.

Colleen EVERITT- penhale

Colleen EVERITT- penhale

BSc Physiotherapy (Wits)

Colleen’s special skills lie in the area of pain and the psychology of pain. She treats necks and backs, knees, shoulders, sports injuries, pneumonias, post-operative recovery, and pelvic pain and incontinence.

She is an active member of the Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapy group, the Pain Management Physiotherapy Group and the Women’s Health Physiotherapy Group.

As well as hiking, Colleen runs half marathons, so she understands the frustrations of runners and their injuries. She has a passion for helping people remain active, whatever their age.

She has two grownup children.



BSc Physiotherapy (Wits)

I qualified as a physiotherapist from Wits in 1970 and enjoyed hospital work locally and abroad for several years.  While in Australia, I studied further, pursuing my special interest in spinal problems (backs and necks). Since returning to South Africa in 1976, I have taught physiotherapists at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, been active at international conferences, and worked in private practice.

I have been with this practice since it started, now working on a part time basis.

Dance and sport have always been part of my life and I am thus passionate about helping teenagers and adults of all ages with their problems of pain and limited mobility.

I offer spinal exercise classes which are fun and which include core stability, stretching, balance work and elements of yoga and dance.

My medical and physiotherapy knowledge also come in useful for the wildlife rehabilitation work that I do part time with indigenous birds, reptiles and small mammals.

We collaborate closely with: 

Justin Jeffrey – Biokineticists

Viljoen and Ingratta – Podiatrists

Shelly Meltzer – Dietitian

Beth McKibbin – Counselling Psychologist

Lauren Dace – Educational Psychologist